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Our goal is to provide you with the support in Lithuania

Dear Customers!

Presenting our company, we would like to begin from its prehistory. The ESPOTRANSA REAL ESTATE Ltd. started its operation from 4 June 2007. From the beginning our company became one of the leaders in the following fields of law:

  • Advising for obtaining residence permit in Lithuania
  • Registration of companies in Lithuania
  • Opening of bank accounts in Lithuania
  • Obtaining of licences in Lithuania
  • Advising for obtaining citizenship of the Republic of Lithuania
  • Sale of Ltd. registered in Lithuania – new ones and with the history

For 10 years we attracted thousands investors to Lithuania, thereby making our contribution to the development of our country economy. Our team improve skills each year, every new employee brings new knowledge and experience, thereby making our company more professional. The ESPOTRANSA REAL ESTATE Ltd. employs lawyers, managers, economists and financiers. The Company employs 6 persons in the year 2018. Their knowledge and experience is helpful for answering to the questions that are not related to our activity.

At the end of the year 2015 the decision to develop a new direction – medical tourism in Lithuania was adopted.  The activity type  is medical tourism in Lithuania consisting of diagnostic, odontology, INF in Lithuania, paediatrics and massotherapy in Lithuania.

On 1 January 2011 the separate accounting firm EURODEO Ltd. was registered. The firm employs high qualified accountants. It carries out accounting from initial documents to drawing up of annual financial reporting, including analysis of accounting records of the companies registered in Lithuania. The company employs 6 persons in the year 2016. The firm provides accounting services for more than 150 companies in Lithuania.

Today we are one of the leaders on the issues concerned with residence permit in the Republic of Lithuania, registration of companies in Lithuania, sale of registered Lithuanian companies and keeping of accounts for the companies registered in Lithuania. The range of the services we supply increases each year.

ESPOTRANSA REAL ESTATE Ltd. – your assistant in filling up legal documents  and medical tourism in Lithuania.

EURODEO Ltd. – your assistant in keeping accounts in Lithuania.


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