Restoration of Lithuanian citizenship

Restoration of Lithuanian citizenship

We understand all your worries and troubles and that you will need legal support. Therefore, our company is ready to assist you in all your undertakings in Lithuania. By opening up new prospects for itself, you open up new possibilities, where you need help in getting new documents, such as obtaining citizenship in Lithuania.

A foreigner who had ancestors and they lived on the territory of Lithuania and were citizens of the Republic of Lithuania during the period 16.02.1918 – 15.06.1940, and left the territory of Lithuania forcibly during the period 15.06.1940-11.03.1990, can restore the citizenship of the Republic of Lithuania, without renouncing the citizenship of their country. To do this, you need to provide proof that the relative was arrested, exiled from Lithuania or to provide strong evidence that left the territory of Lithuania for historical and political reasons. Of course this person also need to confirm family ties with a person who was in the above time interval citizen of Lithuania and left the country during the period 15.06.1940 – 11.03.1990.

Return citizenship may a person, whose ancestors were the first line citizens of Lithuania during the period 16.02.1918 – 15.06.1940 ( in such case a person should renounce the citizenship of their country). Return Lithuanian citizenship and to save the citizenship of their country may a person, whose ancestors were the first line citizens of Lithuania during the period 16.02.1918 – 15.06.1940 and left the territory of Lithuania against their will from 15.06.1940 – 11.03.1990.

Citizenship of the Republic of Lithuania may return the person till the 4th generation.

On 23 June, 2016 Lithuanian parliament adopted to the Law on Citizenship which ensure the Right of Litvaks who left Lithuania from 16.02.1918 until 15.06.1940, as well as other emigrants and their descendants ( until 4 th generation) to restore Lithuanian citizenship. 

All applicants should prove that they lived in Lithuania from 16.02.1918 – 15.06.1940, had Lithuanian citizenship. Their children should prove their kinship with parents. Grandchildren and great-grandchildren with grandparents and great grandparents.

Lithuanian citizenship gives:

a) the right move around Europe without hindrance, also travel without visa to the USA, Canada, Australia.

b) get medical help in Lithuania.

c) register a car and use it throughout Europe.

d) allows to study at universities of all European countries.

e) build your future in other European countries. Lithuanian citizenship gives the right to work in other European countries.

Our company has 10 years of experience in the restoration of Lithuanian citizenship. We helped change lives to many of our clients from Israel, Russia, Germany, the USA. Also we have excellent relations with Chabad Lubavich of Lithuania and particular with rabbi Sholom Ber Krinsky.

Please connect with us and we will help to restore your Lithuanian citizenship.

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