Some sorts of activities in Lithuania requires state license, i.e. permission for activity.

Lithuanian license allows expanding such activity not only in Lithuania, but also in other EU countries, since Lithuania is the member of EU.

Customer, who already has a license in a country non EU member, has advantages for Lithuanian license.

For obtaining such permission is necessary:

  • To provide us with maximum information, regarding license requirement
  • After we will conclude an arrangement, showing all criteria, conditions, price, terms and other details, which will be considered with licensing Lithuanian State Authorities

Licenses we help to obtain:

  • License for tourism service
  • License for the wholesale and retail trade of alcohol
  • Licenses for restaurant services
  • Licenses for broadcasting (television and radio)
  • Licenses for betting and gambling
  • Licenses for banking services, banking services for branches of foreign banks
  • Licenses for investment activities (stock-broker, enterprise of stock-brokers, control enterprise of investment funds / investment companies)
  • License for trade of antique
  • Permit for trade medicines in Republic of Lithuania (Schengen area)
  • Permits for construction work of different objects
  • Permit for employment of citizens abroad
  • EORI code
  • Other licenses and permits, according to your inquiries


We help to register a trade mark in Lithuania

We help to obtain Kosher certificate in Lithuania

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