Lithuanian companies must pay several types of taxes


From 01/01/2020 the minimum salary amounts to € 607.00

The salary is subject to the following monthly taxes:

TaxRateTaxes of the minimum salary
Income tax20%121.40 €
Social insurance21.27%129.11 €
From 1 january 2017 , the Board of the State Social Insurance Fund will take over the administration of the Guarantee Fund0.0%0.00 €

Business profits

Profit tax
15% or 5%
If the number of employees is limited to 10 persons
and the income for the tax period does not exceed 300 000 €,
5 % rate of tax is applied.
The tax allowance is not applied if a shareholder(s)(
are the owner(s) of majority interest (more than 51%)
of other companies in all over the world

Sale of goods and services in Lithuania

Value-added tax (VAT)21 %

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